About Us

IndoHub is a Berlin-based non-profit organization that promotes cooperation between Indonesia and Germany in the fields of education, research and science.

The purpose of the Association is to promote the culture of Indonesia in Germany and the German-Indonesian cultural exchange, and in doing so will also carry out educational work. In particular, the promotion of young people and equal rights for women and men in all areas of social life are in the foreground. The association contributes to the reduction of disadvantages and discrimination of women and promotes the possibilities of action and life perspectives of young people and especially of women. The association is committed to the establishment and further development of a women's public sphere.

The purpose of the association is realised by:

  • Organising and conducting events to establish contacts and intercultural communication between Indonesian with German or international young people/women living in Berlin / Germany. This has resulted in educational and cultural exchange and international understanding.
  • Organising and holding conferences and promoting the exchange of experiences between the above-mentioned young people/women, thus contributing to education and international understanding.
  • Supporting Indonesian young people/women, in particular equal treatment of women and men, by organising and conducting seminars, discussions and events for education and equal rights for women and men.
  • Organisation and implementation of counselling services for young people, especially women, to support them in building up an economic existence and integration (help for self-help) for the purpose of the project.